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The reseller services

gives you the power to resell bulk sms, airtime and other services conveniently at the confort of your machine..

One does not require to have any programming knowledge or skills to become a reseller. Widegateway platform gives you all the neccesary tools needed to resell our services this includes.


as a reseller you will have access to our inbuilt financial system to generate invoices for your customers and issue payment receipts to them on payment.

M-Pesa Integration

we offer integration services for your paybill and till numbers to allow your customers topup their accounts directly via M-Pesa. Credit topups will be updated automatically.


Create and manage your customer information easily and conveniently. You will have control over your customer system licensing and access rights


You can set different charges per each customer such as SMS Prices and let the system handle the charging of customers when they send SMS


Your customers will pay you for the SMSes and other services and you will only need to keep your account toped up to ensure that the system sends messages.


You will access all your customer transactional reports for all services you have assigned them. You will have access to the customer Credit Usage data.

our commitment to our resellers

  • Free Updates

    You'll get lifetime free updates as we improve or add new features to the widegateway platform.

  • Premium Support

    In case you need it, We got you covered, with our premium quality fast support service.

  • Reliability

    we will keep the system up and running at all times to keep you and your customers connected.

  • Best Bargains

    we are commited to giving you the best rates in the market for our services and always there to listed.

Widegateway Reseller

Our platform is equiped with customer management features help you manage your customers conveniently. You will have an all in one Management Suite for your customers.

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